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There’s nothing like the excitement of a makeover. Personally, I can spend hours looking through Pinterest, anxiously forming a game plan for when and how everything will come together. Over the years, I’ve met many lovely new guests who cannot wait for the feeling of the final reveal. The problem for many, is not having a clue where to start.

Q: What is going to give the change I want, while also suiting my looks and my budget?

There are many, many answers…Here at The Root, we’ve brainstormed some of our favorite questions that might help you get started on your new hair journey:

Q: Is this a look I want to rock for a while? OR is this a statement I want to make this weekend and I probably won’t color it again until I get the itch?

-If you don’t plan on coming back in 6 weeks to touch up the roots, platinum is probably not the best choice!

Q: What is my wardrobe generally like?

-For somebody who loves wearing green, I probably wouldn’t recommend bright red hair unless you want to look like Christmas year round.

Q: Is it imperative that I get the final result in one session or am I open to a couple sessions if it ensures best results and healthy hair?

Lastly, don’t be afraid to envision something out of your comfort zone! We’re here to talk about it and that’s why consultations are always free!


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