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As of May 10th, we officially entered the second retrograde of 2022. What is a retrograde you may wonder? A retrograde is an astronomical phenomenon where a planet appears to be orbiting backwards in comparison to earth’s position. This occurrence appears most frequently with nearby planet, Mercury, which is the closest planet to the sun. Is Mercury actually moving backwards? No, it’s an optical illusion based off the earth’s positioning. Mercury retrograde is said to affect emotion, technology, communication, and even travel. During a retrograde it’s important to be patient with ourselves, others and situations we may find ourselves in. Even more importantly, remember how we communicate with others, as that is a direct reflection of us. It’s a time for finishing projects and clearing out the old. However, probably not the best time to start any new projects. This is a wonderful time to reflect on anything that may not be serving you and reanalyze what you put your energy towards. It’s better to refrain from making any drastic changes until after retrograde has ended. This retrograde season ends on June 3rd. Remember to take a step back, take a deep breath and we will all get through it!

Blog by: Auriah

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