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The summer heat is here! So to avoid having hot heavy hair, here are a few tricks to keep you cool and cute during the summer months. #1- Bubble Braids… Bubble braids have been such a cute trend in festival looks and day to day, and they are so simple to do yourself. All you need are elastic bands. You just make small sections through your hair, create pony tails and then connect them all leaving a bit of room to fluff them up. #2- Beachy Beaded Braids… Such a cute look that’s so easy to do for a summer day on the water. You just take  a simple three strand braid and throw a few beads in (using fishing wire to secure them throughout), your braid. You can add some beach waves to the rest of your hair or keep it straight or natural. #3- Hair Clip Bun- One of the trendiest looks this year has been the claw clip. They are such a fun look from the 90’s that I am so happy to see making a comeback. You can get them in so many cute colors and styles, plus they are so easy to style. Just twist your hair up & clip it in!

Blog by: Lynsie

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