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Makeup as Art and Self Love

By March 23, 2018No Comments

Art supplies!

Art is in many aspects of life. Some people use paper, hair, fashion, and my favorite: the face as their canvas.

Makeup is a game-changer not only for women but men as well. Self confidence and grooming is sexy and gender shouldn’t stop anyone from using makeup as a part of their regular routine.

There is a big misconception of those who dabble in the makeup industry. We have been accused of seeming conceited or boastful. And though I do believe people have this attitude occasionally, I don’t believe it’s all because of makeup. Makeup to me is a tool to provide someone with a confidence boost — a very positive thing. In fact, I have seen people go from having little to no self esteem to feeling more joy and excitement in their appearance with just a small application to enhance their natural features.

It’s really pretty simple. When you LOOK good you FEEL good. And what’s wrong with that?

Self love starts with enjoying your image. I consider it a springboard from which a person can then share their best qualities around groups of peers and really shine.

If you’re intimidated by makeup or want to try some new looks but don’t know where to start, talk to us!

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