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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: What is in the Make-Up You Use?

By March 20, 2018No Comments

This is the good stuff: Aveda Inner Light!

A client who just underwent some pretty extensive facial plastic surgery came in the other day. She visited the salon post-op the have her hair shampooed after her stitches were removed. She was sharing with me about the whole process and her follow up care. She was very bruised which is normal. We were chatting about her return to work and I asked, “When can you wear make-up again?”

She began telling me about the advice from her physician regarding facial make-up. She had been using very high-end make-up and he informed her that it was one of his least favorites due to the mineral oil and heavy amounts of fragrance.

Aveda make-up was one of his recommendations to her! I was super happy to hear that!

If I could make just one recommendation it would be the Aveda Inner Light foundation. It has a radiance-infused, oil-free moisturizer that is so lightweight that it feels as if you’re wearing nothing. Yet, it gives a smooth, even finish and helps protect your skin with its mineral-derived, broad-spectrum sunscreen. It is non acnegenic and is blended pardon free with no fragrance. The added bonus to us is that comes in a tube that is 100% post consumer recycled plastic.

Talk to one of our team members today and let us match your skin tone to just the right shade of Inner Light!


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