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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Go Green with Makeup

By March 27, 2018No Comments

Yet another tool for our art, the color wheel!

It must be a change in season because we’ve been blogging a lot about makeup! Just like fashion and hair, makeup changes with the season and today we have a little unexpected tip when it comes to minimizing a flushed or red appearance on your face.

The solution? Go green. Literally.

I have a very red pigment to my face when I’m not wearing makeup and I use makeup with a green undertone to balance my skin color. Sounds crazy, I know, but if you look at the color wheel, you can see that green and red are directly opposite from one another. These are called complementary colors and when used with makeup, they tend to cancel one another out and create a more neutral tone.

This can also help men who are self conscious about having a reddish hue to their skin. It’s as simple as buying a concealer with a green tone.

So if this sounds like you, talk to us about how to best remedy your red skin.

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