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Why Straight Hair Is the Best/Worst

By June 7, 2013No Comments
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Huh? What are you doing with THAT thing?

Huh? What are you doing with THAT thing?

You might remember this fantastic blog about the wonderful perks to having curly hair.

It’s only fitting that we blog about the hair type on the other side of the fence: Straight.

When I say “straight” I mean the type of straight hair that doesn’t have a wave when air dried, can’t hold a curl for more than one hour in dry weather, and loses its round-brush bounciness by lunch.

I have this hair. And with any extreme, the positives and negatives are pretty equal…

Top Ten Things I Love/Hate About Having Straight Hair

LOVE: When I’m trying to grow my hair long, straight hair makes a beeline for the floor. Curly hair, on the other hand, likes to wander around and around on its way down.

HATE: My bangs grow out really, really fast.

LOVE: It’s easy to braid.

HATE: Good thing it’s easy. My straight hair slips out of its braid so much, I have to redo the braid multiple times a day.

LOVE: I can let my wet locks air dry and my hair naturally lies straight without a kink or wave. So I do this all the time and rarely use the blow dryer. Yeah, it’s pretty great.

HATE: Without the practice, it takes me a looooong time to blow-dry and round brush my hair. Sad.

LOVE: Curly-haired girls give me lots of compliments.

HATE: I don’t hear the compliments because I’m too busy feeling envious over their adorable spirals.

LOVE: I don’t experience or understand what this thing called “frizz” is.

HATE: I don’t experience or understand what this thing called “volume” is.

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