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We are an award winning, nationally recognized salon with an excellent reputation. Salon Today Magazine and Phoenix Magazine have bestowed us with some fantastic accolades. Honestly we are pretty proud but try to keep a grateful and humble sense of our blessings.
We are a local business with a strong love for the local community. We have been fortunate to be members of Local First Arizona from their inception and follow their mission to strengthen our local economy. The salon owners have over 40 years experience in the salon industry and are Phoenix born local residents that live near the business with a daily commitment to growing and leading the team.
We have an aggressive on-line marketing strategy that keeps our employees very busy. We have a marketing strategy that demands daily dedication to our brand recognition and to the culture that we have created. We strive daily to maintain our culture and function as a total team. We know teams get more done than individuals. We work together, we share our skills and knowledge and we even share our clients. We think individual goals are awesome but we also like to look at the big picture. What can the team accomplish together?
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