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So you are engaged to be married! First off, congratulations!

So many decisions need to be made and it can be overwhelming. Here at The Root Salon, we don’t think that how you are going to wear your hair and veil should be one of the things that causes you stress. We all know that your gown and your makeup are essential for feeling your beauty best but on your big day, if you happen to have a bad hair day, you are not going to be a happy bride.
What are some of the things we think you should consider about your wedding hair style? Well, weather for one. Depending on the time of year, you could be dealing with all kinds of weather conditions. If you are getting married outdoors (or your reception is outdoors) wind, rain, humidity, and extreme heat could be things that will need to be navigated by you and your stylist to keep your dream coiff perfect throughout the day.
Practice makes perfect. We urge you to book multiple rehearsal sessions with one of our special occasion stylists. After all, you rehearse the ceremony, your “ own the isle look” should be no different.  This way you can try various styles that you find appealing. Different styles do not look the same on everyone and you might not have the right texture to achieve the look you are after. Better to practice ahead of time than to be disappointed on the “day of”. When you do come to your practice appointments,  please limit the number of people you bring with you. We advise only one person at your wedding style trial. Having loads of opinions from family and friends can be overwhelming for many brides. This could end in hindering the bride’s desired style.
Lastly, another little tip to help you have that fantasy wedding style is to bring all of the accessories you may want to wear in your hair on your special day to the rehearsals. This includes veils, flowers, special ornamental clips etc. If you are wanting to use clip-in hair pieces and extensions, you will need to bring those as well. Bringing loads of pictures makes it so easy for your stylist. Don’t limit the pictures to “hair accessories” and hair styles either. Pictures of your dress (front and back), and earrings can also be helpful when designing that perfect custom look just for you. 
Again congratulations and we hope to see you during your planning process.

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