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What’s Trending in 2019

By January 11, 2019No Comments

The lash lift. Amazing!

If you’re like me and love keeping up with the latest trends and styles, I’m here to get you ahead of your beauty game.

Bangs of all types are in if you’re looking for a new look. Try an edgy cropped bang (also known as a baby bang), a 60’s inspired fringe, blunt, or wispy.  Even a long and sweeping bang can change up your whole look this new year.

For makeup lovers, glossy makeup is the next big thing. Embrace the stickiness! Not only will you be ditching matte liquid lipsticks for lip gloss, try extending the shininess to your skin and eyelids.

Peace out falsies, lash lifts are coming for you! A lash lift can take your very own lashes from zero to one hundred. It requires perming your lashes so they stayed curled which is highly recommended to be done by a pro.

The last trend I have for you is dip powder nails. Prepare to become obsessed with powder dipping, or SNS as it’s otherwise known. By using powder instead of gel, your manicure will last as long as a month without any of the damage of gel nails. It’s so worth booking that nail appointment now.

With these new trendy looks you’ll be rocking 2019!

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