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As Earth Month passes and we welcome May, what does it mean to be a “green”, sustainable salon?

Salons in North America create 877 pounds of waste every minute, and that contributes to climate change. Because our industry uses a large amount of chemicals, much of this waste is potentially toxic waste harmful to our water ways and biosphere. About 7 years ago, our salon team was determined to pledge our commitment to reduce our contribution to this problem. We partnered with a few businesses to help us learn how to achieve and sustain this pledge.

One of our “waste warrior” partners is Green Circle Salons. Green Circle Salons is the beauty industry’s first sustainable salon solution dedicated to fighting our industry’s fight to its contribution to waste and climate change.

When our salon sends our beauty waste to Green Circle, they recycle, recover and repurpose it. This gives our salons’s beauty waste a green “make over”! It is like our salon waste gets a new, more beautiful life.

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