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Welcome to Fall!

By September 15, 2017April 23rd, 2022No Comments

Fall is approaching fast!

Okay, yes the temperatures are a still a bit warm. But before we know it, Starbucks will start serving their pumpkin spice lattes and people will be pulling out their boots and putting together looks with sweaters, scarves, and other warm fashions. Fall can be inspiring fun and all about the layers of clothing, but what about our hair?

Fall is a time when us stylists and colorists start thinking of taking platinum blonde bombshells to more natural tones with golds and coppers along with warm brown highlights.

If you are a blonde who is used to being blonde all over, we think it’s nice to break up that summer color with a little less maintenance. By less maintenance I mean just adding warm colors throughout the hair (with some quick lowlights hand painted from the middle of the head to the back) and keeping the blonde around the face. With lighter strands around the face, you still feel super bright and the grow out is much easier allowing a more natural look as the hair grows.

I love this look because it is so natural looking! In the summer, we can go light and bright because the sun is blazing. But in fall, it makes sense to match the sun’s lowered intensity and create some softness to the color. This is also another great technique used for those who don’t want an all-over brunette look.

Talk to us at your next appointment so we can get the fall look you’re wanting!

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