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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Taking Care of Your Ends

By September 19, 2017No Comments

Take care of those ends!

Help! How can I keep my ends from looking dull and fading after coloring?

Dullness and fading is hard to avoid if you are a regular user of permanent hair color. And with our dry air and relentless sunshine here in The Valley, it is nearly impossible to prevent.

But, trust us, it will be okay! With just a few of our tips, you can keep your beloved “fresh from the salon color” down to your ends longer than you thought possible.

First, ask your stylist for a gloss to refresh the color. We use a sheer, semi-permanent hair color after your permanent color that we refer to as a glaze. It adds high shine and seals down that cuticle to prevent fading. This color balancing can be done every other time you receive a permanent color treatment and you will love the results.

Next, we recommend cutting down on the shampooing and use a dry shampoo on some days instead. For both dry and wet shampoo, use products that are color safe and detergent-free. With this gentle shampoo habit, make sure you are deep conditioning regularly.

Finally, use a protective leave-in treatment before you blow dry or style your hair at home. We love to use Aveda’s Color Conserve Daily Color Protect. We see huge improvements in the luminosity of hair when used on a regular basis.


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