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We love when you book online!

Mobile friendly websites with appointment booking capabilities are truly amazing! Think about it. How cool is it that you can be shopping for groceries at your local farmers market and the wind catches your hair. At that moment you realize it’s way past time for a haircut.

Or, maybe you slip into the dressing room of your favorite local boutique and as you check yourself out in the mirror, the new outfit you are trying on looks fantastic on you. But, oh no your roots are in serious need of a re-touch like, yesterday!

Websites like ours make it so crazy easy to whip out your phone and snag an appointment in a manner of minutes. Before you even make it back to your car you are scheduled for so much needed “you time.” We have added brand new software to our website that makes it faster and even easier to get on your way to looking your beauty best.

We are excited to add this new, improved service to you, so start clicking your way to the best hair day. You know you deserve it!

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