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As hairdressers, education is an integral part of our careers. We take staying current with trends, technique, chemistry, and technology very seriously here at The Root Salon.

Our long tenure relationships with companies such as Wella, Alfaparf, Redken, and Ergo allow us the privilege of enjoying access to fresh educational opportunities. These options occur both in salon, as part of team travel, and online.

So, if our hairdressers happen to get a last-minute cancellation, what do they do with their time? Well, we also provide a service from University to our stylists. When and if they get down time, they can jump onto their phones or a salon, computer, and take a class from hundreds of worldwide acclaimed educators. This allows them to make the most of stagnant time in their schedules.

We have a huge closet of practice materials and mannequins with various head shapes, hair lengths, and texture. 

We also enjoy hair shows. Now that the world of trouble has eased into a sense of normalcy, we take opportunities to travel together to see educators in person on stage, and to work with other salon teams. This is a great morale boost, and brings back fresh energy into the salon environment.

Additionally, educators will travel to our salon to teach group classes to our team for hands-on experiences on Sundays and evenings and mornings. This is an especially fun experience, because the whole team learns together, and can bounce ideas off one another, which is great for camaraderie.

Our crew is blessed to have team members that have served as educators in their careers, as well. If you go to our team page and see the title”senior stylist” in the bio of one of our team members, this indicates that not only do they perform at a high experience level, but they also act as in salon educators to train and mentor new associates and junior stylists. 

So, you can rest assured when you trust our team, that we are always scanning Instagram, listening to our clients, and searching for the best techniques and chemistry to serve our guest’s needs!

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