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Modern, undone waves are extremely in this season. The look is soft and effortless but it actually requires some strategy; there’s a plan to the curl placement and one must use the right products for finishing. Lets break it down here:

My favorite curling iron size is 1.25 inch for this look. Crank that baby up on high heat and use a heat protectant product. My go-to is the Style Stories Thermal Protector by Alfaparf. It protects without getting stiff and it smells delicious.

Take sections about an inch thick and wide. Be sure to take each section around the face towards the back and then start to alternate the direction of the curl towards the face and away. By alternating your sections it will prevent the curls from merging into one clump and looking more like glamorous red carpet waves.

Keep the iron several inches away from the scalp, start more at the curve of your head. Keep the amount of turns of the iron relatively consistent. Even though we are going for an undone texture we want to keep the style balanced. Leave the last inch or so out of the iron and lightly drag it out of the iron as you release the curl. Keeping the ends a bit straighter will ensure it doesn’t get rigid in its look (we want a less than perfect vibe).

When finished curling, tilt your head forward and start to break curls apart with your fingers. Use a texture spray like Style Stories Texturizing Dry Shampoo by Alfaparf to create separation and volume in the style. Spray a lot, don’t be shy. Raise your head back to neutral and lightly work the waves in-between your hands to distribute the product and bring out lots of soft fullness.

Ask your Root stylist for more helpful styling techniques at your next appointment!

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