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One of the most delicious and chaotic feasts of the year: Thanksgiving. This annual event may be mastered by some or it may be your first year cooking. No matter how many times you’ve prepared for a Thanksgiving meal, there are always things to learn. So here are some tips that you may find helpful and can save you some time (& stress) this year! Firstly- if you are following a recipe it may be easiest to follow along with the instructions either printed out or written out & taped to your fridge or cabinets. This will keep you majorly organized and makes accessing the recipe hands free. Secondly- prep your ingredients, a time saving way to push along the day-of cooking is to chop up and bundle as many ingredients as possible to expedite your cooking. Lastly- once all the cooking is done, to keep things warm as people go back for seconds you have to think about how to keep the food insulating! For example, using a thermos to keep extra gravy hot. Cooking things like mashed or sweet potatoes in a crock pot helps to keep them heated throughout the night. Also preserving extra rolls in aluminum foil will help keep them soft & delicious plus their easy to save that way!

Blog by: Kira

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