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Trending fall looks have loads of texture all throughout. The shag, the wolf cut, & the mullet are all layered looks with variations on the amount of layers. Popular looks from the late 80s and early 90s are coming into trend so to achieve these looks there are few things that can help. Invest in a crimper, depending on how kinky you want the size of the wave in the hair, you can purchase more of a zig zag crimper or a softer 3 barrel waver. Depending on the crimper or waver, this tool will provide smoothness and make the hair a little bit more grit or texture therefore making it easier to spread apart (creating fullness). Texturizing spray will be the next best aid in your trending textured look. A buildable one will help with setting specific pieces into place, create more hold as you layer it on, and can often absorb oil buildup in the hair (making it great for a day 2 or 3 hair). Adding in little gems or hair accessories can compliment this modern “dated” look. Not sure where to add them in? If you have a money piece you can create braids and add them onto the bottom of your braids! Boom now you have a cute idea for your holiday parties!

Blog by: Kira

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