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Getting through the work week can often times be a challenge. To help get your mindset right for the week I came up with a few tips that work for me and can hopefully work for you as well! Firstly- set your self up for success. Uncertainty breeds that terrible sensation that you have no idea what is going on. Take 30 on a Sunday afternoon to mentally sketch out your following week. What’s due? What’s on deck? Set up a loose plan or a guide to map out the next week. Second- indulge yourself at work! Fridays are often a great day to take an hour for some you time. Get out of the horrible florescent lighting & walk to a restaurant or find a place to sit outside & enjoy some fresh air. Grab coffee at 10 AM or an ice cream cone at 3 PM. Take that mental break and get your power back! Thirdly- be introspective. Look back over your week & ask yourself two simple questions. What did I do well? What could have gone better? There’s no need to beat yourself for a minor mess up & also no need to chest bump about personal success. This is just for you, a short exercise to keep yourself on track. Lastly- crush your to do list! Create an short to-do list for the day or the week. Call it a psychological trick! A list of tasks that you know you can complete by day’s end is a guaranteed mood booster. It’s literally physical evidence that proves you dominated your day or work week!

Blog by: Brit

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