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From botched at home jobs to years of permanent hair color hair. Your dream hair can be a journey. Today we are talking about the art of corrective hair color. Corrective color isn’t limited to box dyes, but is essentially the art of creating a new head of hair.

Envision a canvas that has been painted over for many years. Not only does that canvas have layers of paint but also the fabric of the canvas is forever changed. Now in order to create the cleanest canvas possible for the piece you want to create. You now have to strip each layer of paint while trying to keep the integrity of the canvas.

It is so much more than simply throwing on a color remover or bleach. There is chemistry behind the creation. For example with black box dye or henna, each can create a chemical reaction that causes your hair to create heat. Sometimes so much so that your hair will steam and even melt off. Leaving your hair very damaged. This is why it’s important to tell the truth to your colorist. 

 I have something called the 3 C’s which breaks down each stage of the the process: consultation, chemistry,  and creation. It all starts at the Consultation. This is where the truth is revealed and we are able to know the starting point. Next comes the chemistry, what is this process going to entail? Which tools do we utilize to strip the canvas in the most healthy way possible. Next comes Creation this is where our ideas can run free. Now that we have returned to the cleanest slate possible. It’s time to create your dream hair!

Blog by: Auriah

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