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Last year was well, you know…2020. And though we all know things don’t change suddenly with a new date, we still have a lot to look forward to and trends are a great way to add a moment of fun to your day or year!

As with all things in life it is best to give your thoughts and energy to the positives! That is exactly what I’m here to do with my quick trend recap!

New Favorite Cut: Soft Shaggy Shapes

I have been absolutely love carving out new and fun shapes for my clients who are feeling a bit blah and looking for change! I’ve been especially encouraging those with very short hair to switch things up and let them know that they can get those trendy sweeping and shaggy styles without needing to grow all their hair out! These styles tend to enhance and highlight the natural texture of hair and are so fun to wear.

At your next Root Salon appointment, talk to your stylist about this trend and what your options are.

I hope to see more people continue to branch out of their norm and go for shapes like this!

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