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The world is in a whirlwind of commotion and stillness all at the same time. We must keep each other safe and our loved ones close! We have our defenses up!

The perspective of one living in a quarantined life might be struggling with which way they want to view their world. Many perspectives are thrown our way without permission on a daily basis but we usually just store it as future information to use. As a natural human instinct we like to feed off of the energy of the ones surrounding us, but what happens when we arent surrounded?

Right now, we are all relying on a smaller circle, a smaller source of interaction, to discuss and ponder life in general. The stories we tell each other and the creative flow of a conversation is what gives life… life! We collect moments and store them as we go to tell a future passerby as a silly trope. These stories have slowed and we are made to sit and wonder, what energy are we creating ourselves?

Rather than thinking of how we can share and give and take, we are focusing on ourselves and our small surrounding world and we are not used to it.

It’s okay to ponder but just remember to keep a wide perspective and to reimagine thoughts as you go. Refocusing can stop the exploration of negative ideas and open up the other side of things. It’s easy to get stuck on a downward spiral so go take a walk, a deep breath (and my favorite lately: listen to Taylor Swift’s new album Evermore) for some escapism.

Blog by Emily

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