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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Switch it Up!

By April 30, 2019No Comments

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Recently, I took that bold step and switched up my hairstyle!

I know it may shock you that even hair stylists can be apprehensive with change. But we are also human, and our likelihood to make big changes varies from styist to stylist.

I’m a bit less impulsive than some of my stylist colleagues. My style is to search online and pin, pin, pin new looks. This time, after months of pinning, I decided to say goodbye to my beautiful long, thick layers.

And I finally settled on the modern shag!

The modern shag had been calling my name and, after all those pins, I was ready. This cut still has length but feels so light and airy with all the layers. The short front fringe always makes me feel styled.

People, I just LOVE it!

So if you have been doing the same style for a while maybe its time for a change. Cut that curtain bang you have been dreaming of. Brighten up your color for summer. Switch from your traditional highlights to a more lived-in look.

Or, at least, start pinning some ideas and see where it takes you!

And then let’s go for it! We are here to help you decide what new changes would be best for your look and lifestyle.

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