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Stay Hot and Healthy This Summer

By April 26, 2019No Comments

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Summer is now here in Phoenix! Even though it’s about to get scorching outside, I have some ways my daughter and I stay active:

Rollerblade. Put in your air pods and hit Tempe Beach Park. It’s my favorite place to build up some speed on the long pathways.

Take your pup for a dip at the lake. Once temps hit 100 degrees, let your dog hop in for a swim. They will love the fresh air.

Eat clean! Nourish your body with fruits and vegetables. Fruit is a great midday snack and will keep you bikini ready. I love a little eatery called ProteinHouse where I can eat a clean meal that’s delicious.

Quick home workouts. Keep your blood flowing with 30 second crunches, leg lifts, and planks. YouTube has every kind of home workout video you can think of. Even though it’s hot outside we can break a sweat inside.

Eat breakfast and drink water. Hydration is key. The more water, the better and it gives you more energy. Your body and skin will look healthier.

Treat yourself. Take time for yourself. Plan a vacation or a simple gesture like getting frozen yogurt. Take time to decompress!

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