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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Surviving the Phoenix Heat!

By April 2, 2019No Comments

It’s about to get super hot out there!

Arizona has some of the hottest weather in the nation once summer hits and it’s about to get hot out there. I’ll share some advice that can actually save your life living here in the wild west!

Triple digit heat in Arizona can be problematic, and not just to humans and animals but also your car, home and electric bill. Ill explain a few tips for getting through our summer months.

Your car: Getting your vehicle ready for the summer months is crucial. If the temperature outside is 110 degrees, your car may reach 220 degrees. Yikes that’s hot! We all know what it’s like getting burnt by the metal seatbelt. Driving in oven mitts until the car fully cools down or a pair of cut socks to touch the steering wheel are great tools when touching anything in the car. Always crack a window for heat to exhaust and never leave flammable products in the car. Never leave pets or children in the car EVER. There are so many cases of death due to people leaving their precious cargo in the car. Check your tires and battery on regular occasion. Blow outs happen when your tire tread wears down causing dangerous accidents

Air conditioning is a MUST: Electric bills go up in the summer months and there are ways to save. Properly adjusting your thermostat can help lower your electricity use. Most new residents set the temperature higher during daytime hours and reduce it dramatically in the late afternoon, thinking this will save money. By running your AC like that can stress your unit out during peak hours. The added stress on the A/C unit may add to future repairs. Each electric utility company in Arizona offers a savings plan. For example during peak hours from 3pm to 6pm reduce your power use to save money. Consider purchasing a programmable thermostat such as a nest thermostat. They can provide a significant savings on electric bills.

Outdoor activities: During summer months it is always smart to get your outdoor activities and yard work before 10am (at the latest!). If you enjoy hiking and outdoor sports its always best to start before the sun comes up. Drinking plenty of water and fluids is a necessary in the summer months. If you are going on a hike or a jog always carry at least a gallon of water on you. Many hikers get stranded or hurt without sufficient amounts of water and can easily get heat exhaustion.

Take these necessary steps to surviving Arizona’s brutal Summer! Just remember the rest of our year is filled with beautiful sunny days!

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