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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Staying Healthy in the Heat

By May 1, 2018No Comments

Adventure. With ample sun protection.

This is the time of year when we wonder how in the heck we ever chose to live in this insanely hot desert!

It’s often difficult to exercise in the summer months because the outdoor temperatures are so oppressive. If you struggle like I do in the summer, here are some tips to deal.

YouTube. There are so many workout videos on YouTube! Just 30 minutes in your living room and your workout for the day is DONE. No gym membership required and you can crank your thermostat down as far as you like.

Dawn. Admittedly, this is the very best weather of the 24-hour cycle during a summer day. If you’re a morning person, shift your schedule just by 30 minutes to sneak in a jog in the cool morning weather. Bonus: You get to see a few folks stumbling home after a wild night, especially on the weekends!

Dusk. Runners, hikers, and bikers (who aren’t morning people) all know that in the summer, your best chance for a decent outdoor workout is when the sun is setting. Just be sure to plan the when, where, and for how long because we all know that once that sun sets in the city, the creeps come out.

Night hike. In spite of what I just wrote, night hiking is actually a great option. First of all, there are way less creeps (or none at all) on the trail. Just choose a trail you know well and bring a friend to be on the safe side. Oh, and get one of those purple flashlights for some scorpion viewing. Those little dudes glow in the UV light!

Kayak. Yes, we live in a desert but we also live in a place where the government has dammed all our natural waterways so we have lakes! My personal favorite is Butcher Jones Recreation Area at Saguaro Lake. The parking is decent and there’s a nice little beach to launch from. For this workout if you get hot, just hop in the water then get back to paddling.

Either way, don’t let the heat discourage you!

(Oh, but be safe if you exercise outside and bring lots of water because the heat can kill you.)

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