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90s Inspiration: The Best Decade for Hairstyles

By April 27, 2018April 19th, 2022No Comments

Okay, let’s talk decades.

We all have a favorite decade fashion-wise. Maybe you’re a 1920s gal because you love to dance and wear sparkly dresses. Or you could have a love affair with the 1950s because you fully embrace blouses on a buxom figure and bright red lipstick.

Me? I’m a 90s girl! Not only am I obsessed with the 90s because of the music, pop culture, and fashion, but the hairstyles definitely take the cake! Admittedly, we can definitely leave behind the outgrown blonde, chunky highlights and Jennifer Aniston hair, but we’d be okay if these five trends could follow us everywhere.

Space buns — all those little buns that Gwen Stefani rocked in the 90s.
Half up, half down — the functional benefits of a ponytail while showing off the length.
One or two braids on each side — how could anyone forget the “hit me baby one more time” Britney?
Big Cindy Crawford/Drew Barrymore hair — I mean, you really can’t go wrong with volume!
High buns/ponytails — not to be confused with the top-knot, the high ponytail or bun was all 90s.

You can spice up any of those styles with current trends or put your own twist on those! And, of course, we could help wth that!

Just know at the heart of each of these styles is, what I believe to be, the best decade ever!

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