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It’s official: Spring has Sprung! With this year rolling by it’s been hard to jump on the trends, but spring trends are in my opinion the easiest and some of the best styles to go for.

Go to styles: The spring styles that reoccur every year are so simple but very easy to spice up. The first of them being pastel colors and floral prints. While these seem pretty basic, with a little creativity you can create an amazing look with a few statement pieces. I always recommend layering simple pieces (blazers, dresses, trousers, blouses),to create a uniformly colorful outfit, however you can always keep it simple with a pattern and a colored piece,(patterned top, colored trousers, etc.).

Monochrome: Creating a spring monochrome look is the easiest way to look high fashion this season. It’s so simple and easy, just don’t overthink it. You don’t need to wear the same color from head to toe, mix it up with different shades of that color. Adding a pattern will add excitement and is always a move to take.

Blog by Lynsie

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