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Do you notice your hair loses its brightness during the warmer months?

With the summertime approaching, it is important to give your hair the same amount of love as your skin, including with the pool. Learning how to prep your hair for the chlorine can help both your color and strength. Before jumping in, you should wet your hair so it does not absorb the chemicals in the water. For frequent swimmers, coming to the salon for chlorine treatments will make the world of difference.

The Sun, especially in Arizona, depletes the shine and strength of your hair.¬† Investing in at-home hydration¬†products can be a game changer for the softness of your strands. Using an at-home hair masque will preserve strength and hydration. This also includes coming in for routine deep conditioning treatments. Let’s all keep our hair healthy this summertime and preserve the beautiful colors in our hair!
Blog by Haley

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