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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Social Media Shopping Warning

By March 19, 2019No Comments

These. These are the shoes that jacked up my Facebook feed.

If you’re scrolling through your social media feed and you see an ad for some cute shoes from an unknown company, STOP and DON’T click.

No. Not even for fun.

I recently made the mistake of literally taking the bait (the click bait) and visited a website that featured some cute looking shoes. Now, I consider myself to be somewhat savvy when it comes to internet behavior but, blinded by the allure of consumerism, I clicked around on the site and took a few screenshots of the ones I liked. I noticed the “sale” prices seemed ridiculously generous so I didn’t pursue the shoes further. Then I went on my merry way.

I didn’t buy anything.

Curse that sophisticated algorithm, my Facebook feed is now chock full of shoe ads from shady companies!

I did some quick googling for a few of these so-called fashion shoe makers and boy, oh, boy, you can easily tell from the reviews (reviews posted on other websites, btw) that these sites are scams. Items not delivered ever. Fake customer service numbers. Impossible return policies. Super terrible products. It’s actually kind of funny to read the complaints because they are so ridiculous! Or, the website is “too new to review” meaning that the sham website just hasn’t been around long enough for the internet to chronicle its well-deserved flack.

Now, there are some wonderful, small companies selling real products and you will see their ads, too. Not everyone is out to get you.

But when in doubt, do a little snooping. If your search results show reviews that say, “SCAM!” or the website was just established, it’s probably best to give your click (and money) to someone else!


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