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Karl Lagerfeld’s Millionaire Cat: Choupette

By March 15, 2019No Comments

That cat is worth millions. Literally.

The fashion and beauty community is in mourning!

The legend that you have no doubt heard of, Karl Lagerfeld, recently passed at the age of 85. He was that cool old guy with the silver ponytail and dark sunglasses always surrounded by the hottest models in fashion. He was also the creative director for three high-fashion companies: Chanel, Fendi, and (of course!) Karl Lagerfeld.

One of the things that is so easily relatable about this genius is he had a true love for his fur baby, as many of us do.

Some of us share the love for cats, dogs, fish, or even birds and horses. For Karl, his love was a white Birman cat named Choupette.

Now Choupette isn’t like most cats. He has an Instagram account with over 131,000 followers. He has a driver. He also has more than one maid. It is said that Choupette even ate dinner at the table with Karl. No big deal, right?

Choupette is now the wealthiest cat on the planet. Upon the passing of Karl, Choupette became one of the heirs to Karl’s $200 million fortune. It has been said that Choupette inherited anywhere from $5 to $30 million so he may continue his way of life.

I think it’s safe to say that, out of Choupette’s nine lives, he is hopefully living out the best of them!

We all love our fur babies and want them to have the very best. Choupette is definitely having his!

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