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Now that we are all in the market for face masks and (more) hand sanitizer, we may as well put our money into the local market as much as possible.

We’ve seen many Instagram posts by local artists and shops who have turned their making skills to creating amazing-looking masks and designer-scented hand sanitizer.

Our first favorite is local artist Carrie Marill (aka Punkwasp) who is filling orders for her fabric masks like mad lately. Her designs are crisp, colorful and, well, cute? It feels weird to love the way these look given the circumstances of the demand but we’ll take any good feelings we can get right now!

Here we are blogging once again about Phoenix General! We’ve praised them in the past and will do so again now because they are selling spray hand sanitizer in aroma combinations of lemon, bergamot, cucumber, and cedar. They recently sold out of their ultra-cool looking denim face masks and are working to supply more.

Thanks for doing all you can to support local businesses!

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