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Here’s a quick break from everything Covid-related (and, we must say, something fun you could do at home for some amazing selfies).

You should buy a wig!

Wigs are not only for balding crones clinging to their youth. They are becoming trendier and more common than you think. The Kardashians often wear wigs to completely transform their looks and actresses have been using wigs for decades. Wigs are an amazing way to express yourself and have fun with different looks without commitment. You can try out all the colors, lengths and styles your heart desires.

Human hair wigs are the best ones to buy because they can be heat styled, making them easy to curl or straighten. Synthetic wigs will burn and melt if exposed to heat, but are also a great option if you aren’t looking to style your wig. Make sure to read your wig’s care needs from the manufacturer in order to ensure proper care and longevity of your wig!

Have fun with your new looks!

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