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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: How To Remove a Stuck Roundbrush

By October 8, 2019No Comments

Oh, boy.


A ridiculous thing just happened. You just got your round brush stuck in your hair during a blow dry!

It happens. Really.

Stylists know that when this happens, you must stop, drop and slowwwwwwly unroll.

A round brush gets stuck in the hair when, during a blow dry, the hair is accidentally rolled back on the brush in the wrong direction. It feels like a very silly mistake but we’ve all had it happen at least once in our early hairdressing careers.

We suggest you start unrolling very slowly while you use your fingers to gently remove your hair from the brush. Have patience! To avoid breakage, you must work little by little Do not pull on the brush; only slowly turn it.

If this doesn’t work and it is truly stuck, swallow your pride and drive on down to our salon. You won’t need an appointment for this! One of our technicians will work the brush free from your hair.

Please note that overworking the brush can result in a brush that is truly stuck and we may have to cut your hair to free it. Nobody wants that so, please, the minute you feel you aren’t making progress, just come in!


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