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Thoughts on Happiness from Oliver

By October 11, 2019No Comments

(photo: HuffPost)

One thing I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older is that my main concern is my happiness.

I’ve realized through all the hardships in my life that happiness is my only priority in life. The power that we have as individuals is astonishing in so many ways. We have the ability to change or move on from our current situation. We have choice. And what a luxury that is!

In recent years I always just dealt with toxic relationships in a way that wasn’t helping me be the best I can be because toxic people are, in most cases, only concerned about themselves.

Doing what makes me happy like working a lot, going to church on a Sunday with my family, and working out, helps keep me grounded, focused, and humbled.

It took a lot of practice and trials to find the combination of enriching activities that work for me. What’s your combination?

And, if you aren’t happy, where can you exercise choice?

Just some things to think about and I wish everyone the very best on their own life journey!

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