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As the holiday season reigns in & the New Year approaches, it’s a great time to pick up some new beauty habits. One habit we are trying to stress to guests as the year ends is to: reduce the breakage of fragile hair. Our suggestion is to brush your hair from the nape (bottom neckline) working towards the crown (top/front) of your hair. This will help fragile, hair-line hair from getting undue wear and tear. Always brush from the ends of your hair up, working up the midshaft to the roots.

Typically, most hair loss occurs in the front at the forehead and temples where the lanugo (fine) hair is usually thinner and more compromised. This is also the area that frames your face so breakage here can be rather compromising.

Use a de-tangling brush or comb, beginning in the back and using caution around the face as you move towards the front. After your hair is detangled, toss it back and finish brushing with just a few strokes gently applied around the vulnerable hair line. In time, this healthy practice will result in less breakage overall making for a much stronger and beautiful head of hair.

Blog by: Jules

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