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You and your bestie have been drinking wine and talking about hair. Out come the phones and before you know it, you’re both inspired and excited by color and cuts you see online. You both go down the Tik Tok rabbit hole with some DIY videos. Before you know it, your friend convinces you that she could totally give you that haircut and color right now! What could go wrong, right?! (Wrong!)

Let’s just say that we’ve seen this scenario in the salon before and have clients who walked into our doors with 50 shades of brass and unhappy with their at home hair results. If this happens to you, DON’T WORRY, we’ve got your back. Here are three easy steps that you can follow to get your hair back on track.

Step 1: Do your research! Yelp and Instagram are amazing sources to find an ideal salon for you. We specialize in corrective color so if you’re located outside of  the greater Phoenix area search for salons with corrective color in their skillset.

Step 2: Book a consultation in the salon to discuss your options. You’ve rushed into one decision so don’t rush into the next!

Step 3: Once you’re at your consultation, book your hair appointment and set up an at-home hair care regimen with your stylist to get your hair back to it’s luscious healthy self.

The lesson? Always trust a professional with your hair, not hair tutorials!

Blog by: Auriah

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