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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Protect Your Scalp from Sunburns

By May 15, 2018No Comments

Cover that thing up!

Have you ever sunburned your scalp?

If you have, you would know it because yeeeeouch it hurts to brush your hair after! Not to mention, when the skin starts to peel, you’ve got some unsightly consequences. Sadly, most people don’t think to protect their scalp when they head out for a day in the sun.

First, know that you can achieve the very best protection by wearing a hat. But hats don’t always work out. Maybe you are spending time in the water or you don’t want to mush your bangs because you’re going to a bar later or you just feel super dorky in a hat. Totally understandable.

Whatever the reason to go hatless may be, another super helpful solution is Protective Sun Veil from the folks at Aveda. This product not only protects your hair from the sun’s harmful rays but it also protects your scalp. Just spray a little extra on your part or the thinner areas of your hair that might be susceptible to exposing your scalp to a sunburn.

Enjoy the upcoming summer fun and remember to protect ALL of your skin!


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