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Shampooing seems easy but let’s make sure we’re doing it the best way to keep our scalp and hair healthy! You first want to get a shampoo and conditioner that is right for your specific hair needs. Once your hair is completely wet it’s time to start shampooing! Depending on the amount of time you go between washes you may have to shampoo 2-3 times. Be sure to concentrate on the roots to get product buildup and oils off your scalp. The initial shampoo will remove the buildup while the second and possibly third will actually cleanse the hair and scalp. I like to go all around my scalp while scrubbing in small circles with the pads of my fingertips. When you shampoo try to focus on your roots and not the mid to ends, that’s where we focus our conditioner or mask.

The better you cleanse your scalp the longer you can go without shampooing. When you’re between shampoos don’t be afraid to reach for a dry shampoo to soak up some of the excess oils!

Blog by Julia

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