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Stop, drop and roll!

As team leader this often has to be my mantra. Sometimes we have stylists freaking out over the smallest things. It’s my job to calm them down and show them what’s really important, and get them back to thinking clearly. This is also a great philosophy when at times (luckily not very often for us) I have to deal with an unsatisfied client.

In the day and age of online reviews, people have no idea how damaging things they say can be. As the brand and face of our company, I often take things very personally as I am always striving for excellence. But stop, drop and roll has always helped me take things in stride, reply slowly and realize that if we did the best we could do, that’s all you can do.

After 41 years in the business, I am keenly aware that we cannot keep every single person satisfied both on our team and with our customers. But we wake up every day with a strong commitment to excellence and superiority. And honestly that’s all anybody can ask from us.

Blog by Laurén Hart

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