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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Professional Clothing for the Summer Heat

By June 26, 2018No Comments

Hot weather chic!

Summer time is here, ladies and gents. We all know that Arizona in 120-degree heat can be a toughy in the work place when all we want to do is wear breathable clothes.

So here are a couple  tips and tricks to stay cool and look cooler.

Stef at the salon pulls off one of my favorite looks. You’ll catch this stylish chica in a body suit tank top and a super light weight komono. Wearing a simple black tank or body suit with eye popping colors is personally the easiest way to handle the summer heat in style.

And skirts are never a no-no in an upscale salon like The Root so 90% of the days I’m working, you’ll see me in skirts of all material. From pleather to velvet, skirts are a great way to create a standout, sweat-free outfit.

Or, spend some time avoiding the whole issue! Take a vacation and just spend some days at the pool!

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