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Every year in January, we all set out to create new versions of ourselves. We are so motivated by the fresh start that anything seems possible. We also want to keep up with everyone around us making positive changes to their lives. It almost feels like a rebirth. We get new planners and start writing out the process of eliminating the bad habits and setting the new ones. As January starts to proceed, we are off to a great start.

Then February comes and we might take Fridays off from the new resolution. March comes and, you know what? I need some reward for my hard work, so I’ll take Fridays and Saturdays off from this resolution. Let’s be real, by the time summer weather is here, we have forsaken the resolution and now joke about it with our family and friends.

However, there is a small part of us that judges and beats ourselves up about not being able to continue the new, healthy habit. We wanted it to work, we wanted to feel better about ourselves but we just didn’t have the drive or motivation to continue doing so. After setting what was to be a positive change to our life, we end up beating ourselves up about not being able to make the change completely. New Year’s resolution turns into a mental health situation.

So as the year is coming to a close and we are reaching the New Year, instead of setting the typical New Year’s resolution, I am making a new tradition. This year I am going to focus on just being grateful. Whether it’s a wonderful meal I prepared, a call from an old friend or a stranger doing something kind. It can be as small as, “I woke up today and I have my health.” There are so many moments in each day to cherish and be grateful for.

Blog by: Kira

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