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Everyone has their morning routine.  We’ve always heard the early bird gets the worm or that the rich wake up & take a cold shower daily. Some people even find the time to meditate with their coffee before starting their day.  Not everyones morning routine are the same, but everyone has one. I used to wake up late & rush, rush, rush out the door like a mad man. That was just stressful. Now I prepare for my day the night before, setting me up for a good morning. Once I’m up, I’ll use music to get my routine going. It’s amazing how the right music can instantly change our mood. Having the right tunes can catapult your day into positivity, making it a good one before it even starts. Lately I’ve been listening to Spotify- Roller Rink 70’s & 80’s Funk, that’s my ride to work jam. It’s that feel good music for the soul, where you just can’t be upset listening to it. Maybe add some Prince, or the Bee Gee’s to the mix, or even some Earth,Wind, and Fire. Whatever you listen to, throw in some throwbacks & see if it doesn’t put that lil pep in your step that you may need to get your day going.

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