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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Micro-Fiber Towels 101

By June 19, 2018No Comments

Microfiber towel in action!

If you are smart you already own one of our micro-fiber hair towels or turbans. We hope your Root Salon stylist explained why they are so fantastic and how to care for them. But just in case, let’s help you out.

Think about your nails when you get out of the shower or bath. They feel weak, right? Not strong and healthy like when the are dry.

Your hair is no different. Water-logged hair is weakened, leaving it prone to frizz, breakage and tangles. We want to minimize those risks by removing the water as quickly as possible. That’s why we love our micro-fiber towels! They wick so much more water out of your hair than a terry cloth towel so when you style, you aren’t damaging your hair.

To care for your micro-fiber towel, its best to wash it in mild detergent before using. DO NOT use fabric softener. If you take home a white hair towel you can clean it with bleach when it gets dirty. If you have a colored towel, please use color safe, non-chlorine bleach to clean your towel.

I like to have two hair towels: An older one for after I have had my hair colored and a newer one for every day.

With proper care of your micro-fiber towel, you can enjoy your new, healthier hair by fighting water fatigue and strengthening your hair from the inside out!


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