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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: How to Make the Perfect Bun

By August 14, 2018No Comments

See? Perfect.

Aside from the relief of our lovely evening storms, we’re still slogging out the days with near-intolerable heat.

How will we survive?

Well, one thing that might help keep your neck cool, at least, is a high bun. In this heat, a bun is the perfect hairdo. And we have a trick to help you achieve the perfectly rounded bun.

Find yourself a clean sock and cut off the toe. From the opening of the cut toe, roll the sock into a doughnut shape. Make a ponytail on top of your head. While holding the pony straight up, place the “doughnut” around the top. Roll it down while tucking hair around it until you reach the base. Secure loose pieces with bobby pins and finish with a spritz of strong-hold hairspray. We like Control Force from our partners at Aveda.

There you have it! The perfect bun, stylish and cool.


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