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The Dynamic Relationship Between You and Your Stylist

By August 17, 2018No Comments

Imagine the conversation that would take place during THIS color process!

We love the new hair trends and fads we see on Instagram. We see the aftermath of a five-hour service portrayed through a gorgeous photo, but what goes on during the process? During those five hours of sitting still, a client learns to know the person behind the chair.

Some clients are more social than others, but the time spent together during the appointment usually leads to some conversation. And for many, just a few questions seem to easily lead to gabbing about your crush at work or venting about your brother’s annoying wife. Before anyone knows it, that five-hour color process has flown by and not only are you walking out with rockin’ hair, but you’ve also made a new friend!

Hairstylists are empathetic, caring, and have a genuine interest in their clients’ lives. It’s not just about the hair; stylists like to have fun at their job. If you’ve had a good time chatting with your stylist, you can be sure that they did, too.

The best part is that this kind of relationship can lead to better hair. The more comfortable each party feels, the easier it is to communicate about ideas, desired changes, and maintenance. It’s a sure-fire way to build confidence all around.

Speaking of confidence, stylists thrive when their clients walk out the door ecstatic about how great they look. Not only does it indicate the time spent was well worth it but putting a smile on someone’s face is rewarding and makes our job gratifying.

The difference between a good hairstylist and a great hairstylist is the rapport and connection built with clients. The relationship and results go hand in hand!

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