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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: How to Handle Your Baby Hairs

By January 23, 2018No Comments

Secret weapon: The toothbrush!

Are you tired of finishing your blowout and looking back into the mirror only to see those tiny, wispy hairline hairs standing on end? These little baby hairs are actually called lanugo hairs. They are the transition from facial hair to your crowning glory. They are more fragile than the rest of your hair and they can be pesky to tame.

Here at the best salon in Phoenix, we can help you with this. Here’s how to solve this:

First, slightly re-wet just the unruly little hairs and hit them again with the blow dryer on low in the direction of your style. Then blast them with cool air for three seconds. Alternating between hot and cool will help protect frail hairs from burning. Remember that baby hairs at the front of your head dry quickly, so be careful not to over-dry them!

Now it is time to grab a toothbrush (that you are only going to use for this purpose) and mist the bristles with a light hold hair spray. We like using Air Control from our partners at Aveda. Gently brush down your flyaway with the dampened toothbrush.

After they air-dry from the spray, we have a couple of options. What if your hair is pretty fine? Well, our root cover compact from Color Wow can help out here (can’t get enough of this stuff). In the same direction, carefully brush the matching color of Color Wow onto your newly tamed strands. This will give your hair line a thicker, more defined look.

If you already have pretty thick hair then you need to set these babies with something called anti humectant cream. Apply a small amount of Definer Cream from Alfaparf Milano to your finger. Slightly rub the cream onto your hairs and there you have it! Those crazy tiny hairs will stay in place all day.

Our final tip is to carry a small, travel toothbrush in our handbag for touch ups in case perspiration tries to un-tame the tiny mane.


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