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To Bang or Not to Bang

By January 19, 2018No Comments

Curtain fringe.

It’s a worthy question.

You may love your current cut as-is but if you just want a little something extra to jazz it up, adding bangs can really change your look.

The best part about getting bangs is you can have a total refresh without a commitment of losing a lot of length or even changing the existing style and shape.

There are so many ways to cut bangs and, at your next visit, we can talk about all the best options for your face shape. We like to use our Pinterest board collections to help our guests explore the options available to them as the make decisions regarding a new cut and style. It is a super handy tool in the salon.

Currently, micro bangs are my personal favorite. They look exactly as they sound: short bangs that sit at the top of the forehead. I think they are super dramatic looking and they make a powerful statement.

Another big bang trend right now is the “curtain fringe”. This look is long, tapered and for me, sort of mysterious looking. The runways are showing this look with the return of the shag haircut.

Whatever you choose, your stylist here at The Root Salon in the heart of Phoenix is here to help you look amazing for 2018!

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