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I work at the funniest most rad salon in the valley. I am surrounded by talent of all ages in every way. I love my station. I have the best chair location. I have a huge wall-size window that opens completely. I get to watch a beautiful Arizona sunset silhouetted by a palm tree every evening.

But, my neighbors. Now, they make my day!

To my right is the ever-so-talented Britney. Her energy is equally as fun as her wardrobe. Always wearing the trendiest looks.

On my left is the salon mom and my bestie, GG. She is super talented; always on the go packing in clients and usually working late into the evening most nights with me. Our clients get to know one another and, soon enough, we have a little group gathering. It’s a beautiful fellowship.

Every day, (and if we’re all lucky!) multiple times a day, we get into the fun zone.

This is when, instead of heads in phones or computers, a silly conversation gets overheard or one gets stuck on a question. Like who was that one girl that played in that one movie…?

One will say what she thinks, the other will say no then someone pipes up with the right answer and a conversation starts. We all get in the flow, start cracking jokes, and then we’re all laughing and forget all about anything that may have bugged us earlier in the day.

We’re in the moment! And we’re in the fun zone!

This is why work environment is so important. You can’t force something like this to happen. It just does. And it couldn’t happen without my great neighbors and our great clients.

So if you’re wanting to get in the fun zone more often at your work (whatever that may look like right now), think about the people “next” to you. Who do you interact with all day? Do you have fun with them? If not, can you “move” closer to someone else?

Right now, you may have to get creative with this approach in our new working world. But even if this is done in an office, a virtual workplace, or a space that just re-opened with new social-distancing, finding a way to be “next to” the right person can make all the difference in your work day!

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