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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Forget Cost, Get It Washed!

By July 31, 2018No Comments

For the best cut, wash it up!

It’s a big temptation at the salon for our clients to request skipping the hair wash and just getting a dry cut.

Don’t do it!

Never, ever will this make you happy with your cut. Your hair needs to be fully washed. Even spraying it went won’t work because the hair needs to be fully saturated. When it’s weighed by water, gravity makes it fall revealing you hair’s natural growth patterns in the most obvious way possible.

When your stylist can clearly see these growth patterns in the wet hair, they can modify your cut so when the hair dries, you’re working with the nature of your hair, not against it. This ensures you get the best cut and style possible.

A shampoo is free with a cut so there’s no extra cost. And as a bonus, the wet cut will give you the fastest, easiest styling routine at home possible. Who doesn’t want that?


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